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A group of sevens on tour in USA in 2005
Where it all began.........

The club was formed in 2001 by a small group who got in touch on the se7ens mailing list. Since the first meeting with 5 people the club has gone from strength to strength with over 40 members and a comprehensive programme of events including track days, racing, touring holidays and club runs.

nise7ens is an internet based club for owners of cars based on or inspired by the Lotus 7. nise7ens is not marque specific and welcomes all shapes, and styles of 7 whether factory or self built. nise7ens welcomes anyone with an interest in these cars, whether they are an owner, in the process of building or buying and also those who dream of owning one (Be warned we will persuade you!).

So feel free to come along and join in, there are no forms to fill in, no membership fees to pay.........our aim is to enjoy our cars in the best way possible.......by driving them.

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