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IVA - Individual Vehicle Approval

As of 03 August 2009 the SVA scheme will be replaced by Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) for self built cars. This is as a result of the introduction of a new EC Directive which provides a standard entry into service approval system for vehicles.

If you are building a new car then you need to know about IVA. This is the test that your car must pass before you can drive it on the roads. The test takes place at Newtownards Vehicle Testing Centre and typically last 4-8 hours depending on the car.

The club has access to IVA manuals and we recommend anyone who is applying for the test to assess their car against the manual before submitting the vehicle.

Likewise we have a number of members who have built cars and passed the SVA / IVA test. If you want someone to have a look over your car prior to the test or if you have any IVA queries contact us via the email list.



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